For Christmas, the girls received a Butterfly Garden from Insect Lore. It was a magical way to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly.


We weren’t quite sure how this would turn out. There are two types of Butterfly Gardens offered by Insect Lore, one contains live caterpillars, while the other contains a voucher to redeem for live caterpillars. We received the livings ones. If you have been following along, we were leaving Chrismas night for the better part of two weeks. Much to our delight, the caterpillars seemed to thrive in their cups and had plenty of food to sustain them while we were gone. After careful inspection of the instructions, when we returned, we would have to immediately remove the lids from the cups, with chrysalis intact, and place them in their position to emerge. So that’s what we did.

The girls spoke of their butterflies throughout the trip, wondering which stage they were. They were anxious to get home. Since they were missing key points of metamorphosis, we promised we would get another cup of caterpillars in the spring. This seemed to ease their minds a bit.

Once we returned home, we were pleased to find that we had six chrysalides dangling from the lids. We followed the instructions and prayed they would open.

Five days later, we saw our first little friend! image1

I can’t fully describe the excitement and enchantment that was in our home for the next several days. The girls sat on the top bunk for hours watching their butterflies flutter about their habitat.

Release day was met with mixed emotions. They couldn’t wait to watch their beloved pets fly about outside, but they were also saddened by the thought of not watching them every day.

We waited for unseasonably warm weather for the release. It was absolute magic.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

The girls giggled with delight as their butterflies danced around them, warming up their wings.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

They were able to observe the eyes and proboscis up close.

What this Butterfly Garden was able to convey through observation and experience was more than I could ever teach with printables and lessons. We are already planning our next cup of caterpillars! The great thing about the kit is the reusable habitat. We already have everything we need for our friends in the spring!

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