Days Inn, Titusville

We are not above staying in a motel, and we’ve stayed in a couple of Days Inn locations. Days Inn, Titusville was going to determine if we would ever book with Wyndham again. We ran into a dodgy location this summer in St. Louis and lost a little faith. That being said, Titusville wasn’t bad for a Days Inn, though you may want to skip the free breakfast.

photo credit: Wyndham Hotels

When we arrived, everything was clean and in proper working order, with the exception of a lamp. The rooms were pleasant enough, and the bathrooms were adequate for what we needed. We were supposed to have access to a microwave, but neither room had one. We made due with the gear in the trailer and we were able to feed everyone.

Who needs room service when you can make ramen?

As with most locations, they offer a free continental breakfast. It was just meh. Though to be fair, we came in 10 minutes before breakfast was over. We tried to go to the IHOP that was connected, but there was a long wait despite many empty tables. We learned that John needs to practice his waffle maker skills.

If you are a large family in need of several rooms, on a budget, or passing through, Days Inn, Titusville is a good value. We would definitely stay there again and it has restored our faith in the Wyndham Hotel chain.


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