Wright-Patterson National Air Force Museum

Today, Team Horn took on the Wright-Patterson National Air Force Museum.


This has been on our list for awhile, and coincidentally, today was Homeschool Day. They had demonstrations, scavenger hunts, and plenty of volunteers to help guide us in the right direction.


To begin our day, we headed back to the new exhibits in Hanger 4. This included the replica of the space shuttle. We tried our hand at landing the shuttle in the flight simulator. John even bested the Boy Scouts and successfully landed his shuttle on the first try. While in Hanger 4, we also walked through three versions of Air Force One, and saw a ship that looked like a UFO.


From there, we explored the fighter planes and warheads. We were in awe of how massive the aircraft, missiles, and rockets were. The kids were familiar with stories of the Cold War from the Minute Men Missile Monument in South Dakota. Still, there was an ominous feeling that lingered in the air. It was inspiring and unsettling.


Overall, we had a great day learning and exploring. The kids enjoyed seeing the various aircraft and learning about the Wright brothers.


To see more pictures from our visit, go to our Facebook Page.



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