Our seven-year-old son, Noah, has epilepsy. He has had seizures since he was 18 months old. They vary in severity and length but the really bad ones are tonic-clonic, last over 10 minutes, and cause him to stop breathing. Thankfully, they are 99.99% controlled with medicine.
Currently, Noah is taking a liquid form of his medication and it is extremely volatile. It must be kept at room temperature or it will not be effective. This is nearly impossible when tent camping near the desert.
nuero noah
We met with his doctor a few days ago to switch his medication from a liquid to a tablet, so temperature changes will not be a factor.  It may not seem like a big deal but this is a huge win for him!  We still have to figure out a place to store his rescue meds but to know he will have his maintenance meds is such a relief.

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